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Why use a Conveyancer ?

In the past, all conveyancing transactions were handled by Solicitors, but now you can choose to use a Licensed Conveyancer instead.

A Licensed Conveyancer deals only with Real Estate transactions, and as such is a specialist in this area.

Because we specialise, we are able to offer a more personal service, and can concentrate on your matter without distractions.

You benefit from our success

V.J. Tait & Associates was established in 1998, and has grown to be a successful practice.

Our success is due to a strong commitment to customer service, competitive pricing, and our willingness to do that little bit extra to help ease the stress involved with such an important transaction.

Our principal, Vanessa Tait is a Certified Practicing Conveyancer, and our firm is a member of the Australina Institute of Conveyancers, so you benefit from our experience and specialist training in property law.

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Do it yourself Conveyancing ?

We often get asked about do it yourself conveyancing kits.

Whilst it is sometimes possible for an in-experienced person to be able to handle a simple transaction using a kit, you never know when difficult legal issues or complications might crop up.

Why risk potential costly legal problems, use a professional who is experienced, licensed, and insured.


Our practice has been independently Audited by a "Search" Professional Standards Auditor, and has been accredited as meeting or exceeding the standards set down by the Australian Institute of Conveyancers.

We are continually reviewing and updating our training and procedures to ensure we are meeting the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.